Monday, August 8, 2011

Perfect for Parties

This weekend I opened up some shower gifts to put away. Little did I know that I would be using several throughout the day to make an appetizer for our friend's 40th birthday!!
I opened the food processor! (!!!) And knew the salami rolls I make would turn out even better because it would save me from messily chopping up garlic and onions and randomly stirring in-  instead making it a cinch to blend everything together.

I used random - and I mean RANDOM - amounts of the following ingredients until it the filling tasted good.

Cream Cheese (ended up using 2 double tubs)
dill (about a tablespoon if I had to guess)
2 cloves garlic

Now I put in too much garlic I think at first, but I LOVE garlic so I didn't think it would matter. They still turned out delish!

Ahhh. So pretty.  The orange spatula looks "adult sized" in the photo, but it was actually very tiny. Perfect for spreading the mixture onto hard salami and rolling up!
This was only the beginning. I made 90.

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  1. I think I got drunk at your friend's 40th Birthday party.